ATypI 13: Pearls of wisdom from the type crit #1 #2

Pedro Amado posted two good quotes typeface design students.


La typographie décomplexe l’étudiant

100% d’accord avec cette approche expliquée par Thomas Huot Marchand. La création de caractères n’est pas une fin en soi, mais un outil indispensable de compréhension du graphisme et usages de la typographie au sens large…


How to draw a typeface?

Letterfountain is a good and valuable resource for designers with interest into typography. Available in several languages, the website companion propose a good page about some basics for typeface designs… Who can recognise a Typofonderie typeface on the examples?


Design studentships in Typography

A message from the Occasional dispatches from the MATD and TDi Panopticon: We are looking for exceptional candidates for full-time postgraduate study in the Department of Typography at Reading.


The Condensed program 2010

Industry leaders conduct a rigorous 5-week intensive program in typeface design this summer at Cooper Union’s New York City campus.

Students of the summer intensive program take part in an integrated foundational course of lettering, history, and theory taught by veteran type designer Sumner Stone (former director of type at Adobe and founder of the Stone Type Foundry). Tools and principles of digital typeface design are taught step by step through an individual typeface design project with Sara Soskolne (senior designer, Hoefler & Frere-Jones). Students are also introduced to the art and science of bulletproof font production by Andy Clymer (senior typeface developer, Hoefler & Frere-Jones). The course is rounded out with guest visits and field trips to notable typographic institutions in New York City.

The application deadline is midnight on February 28th, 2011. The program is limited to 15 participants. Students will be informed of their acceptance status by March 15.

See the Application page for detailed application instructions.

Type Education

Full of ressources for type design education by Hannes F. Famira.

Speedball workshop at The Hague

Through his new education blog powered by Textpattern, Erik van Blokland posted: “A movie of the workshop by John Downer at TypeMedia. Give it some time, it’s on my local server.” Click here after to watch it!


Most of Type are junk!

Its probably a good book on typography, but I noted that as usual, most of typefaces to which Ellen Lupton refer are mostly, specially when she refer to “not post Swiss admited list of classics type:”

  • US origin
  • Netherland origin or lookalike

There is also good text faces in many other countries, including Switzerland!

Seriously, I really prefer pragmatic approch, more open to the real need of the users rather than elistist (understand like that for now) approch who seems, by advance, to put a definitive list of typefaces: The only ones to use in any kind of job you have to do. There is no bad type, only bad typography.

Education in type design

The last few years have seen a revival of interest in typeface design courses. The panelists start with a very very quick presentation each on their respective course, then open the floor to questions from the audience. We look forward to both the easy questions (like “what do students get out of the course?”) and the tricky ones (“why should we teach typeface design formally?”) Between Student and Teacher.

ATypI Prague conference.
Gerry Leonidas, Erik van Blokland, Bas Jacobs, Jean François Porchez. Education in type design. 15:30 – 16:15, Archa Hall 2

Toulouse Workshop

Alejandro Lo Celso conducted a typedesign workshop in Toulouse, south of France last May 2004. Its interesting to see how, despite various ways to doing it, writing is still the best way to give essential elements to students to understand type. The website is in Flash, so, follow the links and click on story to read the comments about it. Check also on same website, is comments and images on his visit to a Design school in Chile in 2003.

Have fun with letters as real body is great to understand boring typography!