Font prices: 15 years after…


In 1996, I was asked by the defunct FontShop France to design a page who featured some of my typefaces at the time. FF Angie and Apolline already available, Parisine in two weights only available directly from me. Anisette announced as the next typeface and Le Monde superfamily on the way, as this family was finished and launched in 1997. Then a review and comparison of prices between 1996 and now seems the most interesting part…

Font prices in 1996

Prices are in French Francs converted to Euros, and its for PS Type 1, 256 glyphs fonts.
FF Angie 1: 1560 FF = € 238
FF Angie 2: 1100 FF = € 167
FF Angie: 2660 FF = € 405 = € 510 (added 26% inflation 1996-2010)

Apolline full: 2400 FF = € 366 = € 461 (added 26% inflation 1996-2010)
Apolline by weight: 360 FF = € 55 = € 69 (added 26% inflation 1996-2010)

Font prices in 2011

For comparison with today prices with much larger glyph sets + OT features, more weights:
FF Angie Pro full: € 529
FF Angie OT full: € 439

This one is almost similar to the PS Type 1 + few OT features.
Apolline Std: € 140
Apolline b Std: € 140
Apolline full: € 280
Apolline by weight: € 50

Apolline PTF is announced for 2011 with very large glyph and OT support and will cost € 210 for a pack or € 420 for the two packs.

The conclusion of these comparisons is that the prices of fonts going down over the years. Now for roughly same price you’ve got much more than in the past. Its a good news for the final users, more work for typeface designers.

ps. A large size of the image used on this article is available at Flickr.

update: 13 january 2011: inflation is take in count for 1996 prices conversion.

update: 9 march 2011: Typographica about font prices: “Font prices too high? Consider this: most fonts bought 20 years ago still work today. Can’t say that about any other software.”

Jean François Porchez, 12 January 2011

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