Daylight Fonts


Searching the web for some information this morning, I found this website based in Japan who list quite seriously many fonts, foundries, designers of the fabulous fonts from the 50-60-70’s, generally designed for phototype, dry transfert and so on.
What is interesting on this today discovery is that it show well my references for the AW Conqueror typeface project.

fake uses set in AW Conqueror
fake uses set in AW Conqueror

From the HotNews at Typofonderie: For the first showing to the agency, we’ve created a set of fake in use pieces using the AW Conqueror fonts (at the time with a very small glyph set who explain some fake texts). The idea was to recreate a 60-70’s ambiance to clearly the set the general feeling of the typeface family.

Even the DayTypo blog propose others gems such various 70’s music uses of the fonts with references. I hope you will enjoy as me!


Jean François Porchez, 21 October 2010

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