Picasso Felt Tip

pablo picasso image from hunternuttall.com

Monsieur Sean Adams published this blog post about Picasso. Among good points a made, as typeface designer, I pointed this:

“I could have done that,” or “my six year old child could have done that.” But, apparently, you or your child didn’t do that, and he did. That’s why he’s Picasso.

His handwritten copy is light, playful, and energetic. If these posters were typeset in Felt Tip (no offense to the Felt Tip people), they would be flat and dull. And don’t even think about these typeset in Leonardo; you will never close your eyes again and not think about that tragedy. You will wake up in a cold sweat screaming most nights.

Felt Tip
Leonardo or Leonardo?

Jean François Porchez, 30 September 2010

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