Jean Larcher about lettering and calligraphy in France


Jean Larcher is one of the few calligrapher, lettering artist who produced quite a lot of work during this sort of transition between end of french foundries (Olive, D&P, etc…) and digital era when suddenly all was possible again. Possible because business was again possible and market opportunities back. He wrote a long piece about the situation France. His text should be read in parallel to the one by Gérard Blanchard, and the study by Alice Savoie about French foundries in the twentieth century.

Jean Larcher text start as:

Now is probably a good time to look back critically at what happened in the world of typography in some Latin countries during the twentieth century as this will enable us to understand why the teaching of typography, and even more so, calligraphy, was so poor…

Jean Larcher website.

Jean François Porchez, 20 September 2010

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