Le détail (in typography)

Les details de la typographie

“Le detail?” So, there is a side story about this event that I learn on the way to the Jost Hochuli lecture organized by F7 yesterday night. Long ago, Amélie Boutry was intern at Typofonderie. I offered to her one of my copies of the Compugraphic 1987 version in french of this book: Les détails de la typographie.
Alexandre Dimos looked at the book at the time […] its the main reason of this 2010 idea to invite Jost Hochuli in France and republish this french version called now Le détail en typographie.

Life is full of small details.

…oops last detail: Matthew Carter is announced and will be the next lecturer in Paris. June 2010.

update Jost Hochuli portrait, along few others: Peter Knapp, Massin, Wim Crouwel, Bernard Arin, Étienne Robial, etc. See review of the French version by Jef Tombeur.

Jean François Porchez, 22 April 2010

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