Prague images (2)

Friday night, kerning party at the VŠUP.

Friday night, kerning party at the VŠUP. Josh Darden is really cool but the party wasn’t enough!

Friday night, later, bar invasion (1). Pavel, who bring us there, seems enojoying?

Friday night, later, bar invasion (2). Young Meditteranean ladies presence have a certain effect on Gerard Unger.

Friday night, later, bar invasion (2). I never realized that some men have more long hairs than women.

Friday night, later, bar invasion (3). A break for fresh air outside, and naturally typ(e) is everywhere around, at least in Prague.

Friday night, later, bar invasion (3). Its me? really? Be reasured my eyes are not like that, its just a picture effect.

Cynthia Batty collection of ATF stuff. At the end of the weekend, all that stuff fond new owners very easily. I got the *y* on top right on the image.

Eulas discussions bring several proposals for tools to create necessary licence table to add to fonts. That’s a great idea.

The newspaper room is so crowded that…

…some like John Downer, decided to stay out of that jungle…

…but others enjoyed, such Thomas Phinney, Erik Speikermann, and Simon Daniel who don’t hesitated to joint the jungle.

The conference is a good place to announce any kind of Type families. Carolina Laudon little boy is pretty cute.

The crowded Education panel.

Gerry Leonidas, Cyrus Highsmith during the crowded Type Education panel.

Erik van Blokland during the crowded Type Education panel.

After The crowded Education panel, Peter Biľak preparation for his lecture.

Martin Nexus Majoor.

Gala diner (1). Henrik Birkvig, the Danish funny monster.

Gala diner (2). Helsinki organiser meet Prague organiser (Serious meeting?).

Gala diner (3). Type glasses guys: Jeremy Tankard, Erik Spiekermann, Dale Tomlinson.

Gala diner (4). Last comprehensible speech by an ATypI President. The next one already demonstrated his no-skills on that area.

Gala diner (5). Cyrus seems to doesn’t like something: The wine or Dutch type?

Special highlight on Prague Metro.

Science fiction screensaver 1.

Science fiction screensaver 2.

That’s a second image for Erik Spiekermann? Who can explain that one?

See you in Helsinki or before in a type conference.

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Jean François Porchez, 4 October 2004

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