Prague images (1)

First night, outside diner: Shelley doesn’t like Ross when he drink?


More later same night: Gerry trying to explain to Shelley that she need to accept Ross earlier attitude.

That’s an image for Erik Spiekermann!

Nice lettering.

A lost Dutch cow ATypI delegate.

Jeremy Tankard looking at his nice new book recently published presenting his new OpenType collection.

Cyrus Highsmith is too serious.

Cyrus too serious? Really?

Digital cameras.

Effect of the Hot Love dessert.

Look at the L.

From The Hague students’ exhibit at VŠUP.

Imperial Café.

Still Imperial Café.

Cameras again.

Type Jungle.

Mark Batty Last introduction talk.

Californian typography.

Josh Darden trying Absinthe.

Prague tour.

Prague tour (2).

Mark Barrat finally does a lecture at ATypI.

The wine before the auction.

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Jean François Porchez, 1 October 2004

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